Mar 16, 2009

My boss is a blog.

Seriously, I could write endless numbers of posts about my Big Fat Greek Boss, who happens to own and manage the Italian restaurant where I work.
He is so bad my friends have hard times believing me when I tell them the stories. He is soooo bad that I am surprised the restaurant hasn't died yet.
To his credit you need to understand he is old, meaning in-need-of-hearing-aid type of old, which also means that he grew up in war times when food was scarce. This might explain why he is so goddamn cheap. Not justify, but explain it at least.
My Big Fat Greek Boss (whom i will refer to as BFGB) will find every possible way to rip customers off, he is the antithesis of Customer Service, he does not have any long term view whatsoever and he rather put 10 cents in his pocket TODAY and loose a customer for the rest of his life than invest in some long term relationship.
Why do people still come there to eat, is something I haven't quite figure out yet. Oh, wait, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are one of the only pizza places in several blocks, that the portions are humongous and that most of the customers are so old they'll probably be dead before they could find a replacement for their long time Italian dinner habit.
Yes, it's that sad.
More details on the BFGB to come.

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